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Friday 17th December 2010 Once again we headed to the Village Hotel for our Christmas party with dress code being the customary black tie.  After a glass of bubbly or two in GG and TG's room, we headed to the bar to meet up with the others for pre dinner drinks.  Once again, the food was great and it was then time to party.  This year was a great Bee Gee's tribute band, with help on the vocals from Taff.  Everyone did what they do best, partying hard and having fun in their own style - Craig certainly found his own style but I'm still not sure that the black socks went with the silver sandals!Well it looks like it'll be the same place at the sameish time next year. See you there.
Sat 2nd October 2010 Tapas was on the menu tonight, so we all headed to Camberley for an evening of fun and lovely food. yum, yum. 
Sat 11th September 2010 Today was club bbq afternoon. With GG getting his kitchen back in working order (just), all was good.  Lots of food and drink were brought along and with great company, a good time was had by all.  This years last standing (just about) member was David, leaving at 2ish - way to go! 
Fri 28th-31st August 2010 After months of planning, the ever popular Lundy trip had arrived.  Arriving in Ilfracombe on Friday, we all met up at the lovely Mullacott Lodges with magnificent veiws of the Bristol channel, our home for the next 3 or 4 nights.  After a good night's sleep we all woke bright and early and headed down to the quayside where Obssession 1 and 2 where waiting with their skippers Andy and Lee.  With everyone assigned to their boat, all the kit was loaded and the ropes were cast.  It took about an hour and half to get to Lundy with Obbession 2 wining the race and arriving first.  The first dive of the trip wound be on the wreck of the Robert.  With good visibility, it was an incredible sight, shoals of fish everywhere and covered in aenenomies.  Deanna and Ryan couldn't of had a better dive for the wreck dive of their Advanced Open Water course.  Dave and Craig went in search of the conger eel and yet again Rise and Cherry searched for those oh so good photo shots.  Before we all knew it, it was time to make our way back up to the boat.  The second dive of the day was with the seals.  Briefings complete, we all set off for those very special moments that we all go to Lundy looking for - for some this would be for the first time.  The seals did not fail us and were very playful, one even creeping up behind Karen and making her jump when she turned around and found him almost touching noses with her!  After a great day of laughter and diving we headed back to Ilfracombe, Obsession 2 leading the way yet again. After a swift half whilst waiting for our refills, the cylinders were loaded into Billy's (many thanks mate) and GG's vans and we headed back to our lodges for an evening of R&R. We awoke on day 2 to find that mother nature had different plans for us.  With very rough seas, today would have to be spent on land. Some went investigating the surrounding countryside, some indulged in retail therapy and the dedicated Divemasters in training caught on up course work (and even exams) with GG moving from one lodge to another checking all was ok.  We all met at the adjoining pub in the evening for a carvery hoping that the weather would be much better for the following morning. We awoke to find that the weather was on our side today and we wouldbe diving once again - YIPPEE!  With pirate goody packs handed out we headed once again for Lundy. On the journey out, the shipmates of Obsession 1 set out their plans for a great battle against Obsession 2 at lunchtime.    3 dives were planned so watching that air would be the name of the game. This was Deanna and Ryan's deep dive but their slight nerves were soon gone as it was a piece of cake with Andy and Lucie assisting and once GG had glued Deanna arms to her sides. Back on board  with the sun shining and the seals wanting to play, people where torn between eating lunch, snorkelling or trying to gain the upper hand in the battle that had first started with water pistols and ended up with using what ever was at hand, including buckets.  With all the customary madness that usually comes with a Diving Dreams trip, GG slipped away to have a very special time with the seals. The day was flying past as we prepared to make our final dive of the trip - Knoll Pins.  With all the training completed it was time for forward roll entries making sure you hold that mask tight - too late - Ryans mask decided to do the dive on its own.  Such a great dive to end such a great weekend.  The perfect finale came on the return trip when yet again, the dolphins came to visit us.  Once back at the quayside and with all the kit loaded back in the vehicles, it was time to say our goodbyes to those making the journey home that evening whilst the remainder went back for one last night at the lodges. I would like to thank everyone for making this such a monster trip and to Billy and Soph for helping with kit and transport.  A big congratulations to Deanne and Ryan on their acheivements over the weekend and the team that assisted on the courses - thanks all.  P.S Ryan's mask finally found its way home after a few weeks of being awol.  
Saturday 24th July 2010 Today we headed to Swanage, a popular diving location for our rufty tufty UK divers.  After eating our bacon butties al fresco in the warm early morning sunshine, we headed for the end of the pier and stowed our kit on our oh so favourite boat Skua. The weather was being kind to us with flat seas and the journey out to the wreck of the Aelonian Sky was good even for Melv and Jayne, although the ginger nuts were always close to hand.  We arrived at the dive site and listened carefully to the skippers brief whilst waiting for the tide to turn.  It was TG and Christine's first UK wreck dive and before long we were all in the water, heading down the shot line towards to the wreck.  All too soon, those on single tanks found their bottom time was up and they started to make their ascent, leaving the twin setters to explore a little more, discovering crockery and rescuing a crab who was caught up on some rope.  Once everyone was back on board and the hot chocolate served, we headed to the site of the Black Hawk, just outside Kimmeridge Bay. The 3 D's (Dave, Dave and Derek) armed with their cameras went off for some still and motion camera work.  GG and Cam went investigating swim throughs whilst Melv and Lucy searched for little critters.  Taff and Jayne went to see what they could find, maybe a scallop or two.  Heading back to shore, two police speedboats enjoyed riding in our wake, before passing us just outside the harbour.  Back on shore, time for a quick ice cream and look around the shops before heading back home.  
Sat/Sun 26th & 27th June 2010 We headed to Portland to dive the Black Hawk and a nice drift.  The first dive of the day was a gentle drift from Bally Bay.  With SMBs at different stages of inflation, we were collected from the sea after a very enjoyable dive. It was an exciting trip back to land with Captain Cam at the helm.  After a pit stop at Fathom and Blues we were ready for the Black Hawk.  With Andy, Cam, Cherry, Dave, Derek, Karin, Malcolm and Rise back on the rib we set off.  All was going to plan until we got just outside the harbour, where we were engulfed in thick sea mist. A change of site was required and the only alternative was the Countess of Earn, the problem being every other boat in the area had the same idea.  Let's say it was an interesting dive in limited viz!  After the usual evening  BBQ at East Fleet campsite and a good night's sleep, we were ready for me to show everybody just what Chesil Beach can offer at no cost.  I had been waiting to do this since last year when the wind was too strong for us to attempt the dive.  The mist had cleared, the sun was out and with excellent teamwork divers and non divers alike, the kit was quickly carted onto the beach and we were soon ready to go.  With everyone in the water, we all did our own thing  - Andy found it very funny chasing GG around with a large spider crab to the amusement of Cam.  Getting out of the water at the end of the dive proved a little challenging and not very graceful at all.  All credit to Cherry who managed to stay upright at all times.  Conscious of England playing Germany in the World Cup, we headed to The Boat That Rocks, a lovely restaurant/bar in Portland Harbour for a bite to eat and to cheer on our national team.  Unfortunately, lack of team work between the England players was very obvious, perhaps they should come along on a diving trip so we can show them how it's done! 
 Friday 11th June 2010 - Dirty Dancing Tribute evening This was our mid-summer get-together and an evening where nobody was left in the corner.  Following our 3 course meal, which aptly included water melon, the tribute act arrived and were very good at involving their audience in dances and singing.  Afterwards, Malcolm and Mary took over being Jonny and Baby displaying their fantastic dance moves.  Malcom was even spotted treating Tanya to some private dance lessons in the bar area.  Another great evening at The Village Hotel and we look forward to their hosting our Bee Gees Christmas Party on 17th December 2010.
Wed 26th May - Wednesday 2nd June 2010  9 divers and 1 non-diver ventured to Marsa Alam for a week of 3 s's - sun, sea and scuba/snorkel.  We stayed at the Lamaya hotel which has a pristine reef right outside.  Diving with Coraya Divers who looked after our needs for the week, we experienced some fantastic diving, seeing everything from moray eels, turtles and titan triggerfish (renamed tritan tiggerfish by TG) to clown fish, angel fish and a few nudibranch.  Gavin discovered the sea life at 40 metres whilst Rise and Cherry went in search of Dennis the Dugong.  John managed to get himself involved in a hit and run with a turtle, but don't worry, he has video footage and will be making a claim on the turtle's insurance soon.  A hardy five also ventured to Luxor for a very long 18 hour round trip visiting the Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple amongst other landmarks.  On the day of our departure, the water park kept us busy with Chrissie admirably taking on the steepest slide (much to Cam's enjoyment) and surviving.  Thank you everyone for a great week. Photos are gradually being added to Facebook. 
Sunday 16th May 2010 We headed for Bracklesham Bay to dive Tanks and Bulldozers with Southern Coast Charters.  Now up to now it's been a mystery how these WW machines came to be resting on the sea bed, but we think we've solved the mystery.  Billy thinks that it was due to a problem with their sat navs telling them to turn right instead of left, Sophie's solution is that a big "bomby" thing landed near them and they got flown up in the air and landed in the sea.  A final suggestion was that it could have been that they were trying to sneak up on the enemy and found that their snorkels just weren't long enough!  After loading all the kit onto the boat, we held tight for the 6 or so mile trip out to the site. With the spring tide still running speed was the key thing in getting in and down the shot line to find these mysterious machines. They were teaming with fish life, from shoals of Bib, Conger Eels and some of the biggest edible crabs I have ever seen. Within no time at all it was time to fire up those smb's and head for the surface. Ben and Malcolm arrived on the boat first so had first choice of the sweets, followed by Billy and Sophie, with GG and Cam last to make it back to the boat. This wasa very interesting dive with many questions still to be answered. Or maybe, just maybe.....  have the Decepticons arrived and if so watch your vehicles, they might be robots in disguise. 
Saturday 8th/ Sunday 9th May 2010 We arrived at Wraysbury and prepared for a another challenging rescue course. Cam, Christine, Derek and Tracey would be the ones being put though their paces.  With the conditions being a little on the harsh side, they set out handling whatever situations were thrown at them.  Finding a missing diver in only 1m of viz is pretty good going at any time. After a hard couple of days of skills and scenarios, all rose to the challenge.  so well do to everyone, students and staff alike.  
Tuesday 20th April 2010 Well done to Cam, Christine and Clare on becoming Emergency First Aid Responders. Fun was had by all, as Tanya took them though their course. Good job done.   
Sunday 18th April 2010 It was a lovely sunny day and Diving dreams where at Wraysbury to have some fun.  Melv, Dave and Derek went off to check out their cameras, with Dave giving a Melv a new meaning to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Tg and Cam did a shake down dive, to check out their kit and to start to get themslves ready for the Diving dreams trip to Marsa alam.  Christine was completing her Dry suit speciality course with GG.  It was another great day with a great group of people. Thanks crew and well done Christine on completing your Dry suit spec. 
Thursday 11th March 2010 Congratulations to Amanda on completing and becoming a Padi Divemaster. Well done Panda. 
Tuesday 2nd March 2010 It was  lights, camera, action when photographer Maria Munn came down to give Diving Dreams a talk on compact digital camera use. Maria is so passionate at what she teaches and has a knack of putting technical information so that it is to easy to understand.  The pictures shown in the presentation where wonderful and a great reminder that you don't need a big camera to get stunning results. I didn't realise my little camera could do so much, I'm  now looking forward to getting out on those club trips and hopefully getting some better photos. I'm also looking forward to getting Maria back to do a course for us, so if you're interested in improving your photography skills, then give me a shout.  A big congratulations to Cherry for winning the canvas of a Manta ray so kindly donated by Maria.  A MASSIVE thank you to all that attended and help raise £120 for the Scuba Trust and to Maria for such a great talk.
Saturday 20th February 2010 A big well done to Cherry and Rise on completing their Enriched Air Course.  
Wednesday 17th February 2010 Congratulations to Liam on his Discover scuba diving experience with Melv, well done to Amanda for her rescue skills on her DM, nearly there Panda. Thank you to Craig for your assistance, 
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